10 Reasons You Must Service Your Car A/c?

Car air conditioner service does more than keep you cool. It maintains the entire A/C system to prevent a costly repair.

As the heat settles in for the long summer each year, we see a lot of people who ignore this quick service, which can result in costly car A/C repair.

Here are some questions We frequently get asked about A/C service.

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1. If my car’s air conditioner is still cooling well, should I service it?

Yes. The air coming out of your vents may be cold enough to keep you happy, but it does not mean
that your system is charged to specification. It may be as much as 20 percent low and still make
reasonably cold air.
If you wait until it stops cooling, you increase the chance of additional damage.

2. Will I have to buy expensive refrigerants?

No. When we do quick a/c service in this we check parts, clean them and optimize them for best
performance. You get charged only for the part which is changed.

3. Why not wait until it stops working to service the A/C?

The refrigerant in your car A/C works much like the oil in your engine, cooling and lubricating the
compressor. In fact, the refrigerant carries the oil needed to lubricate the compressor.

As the system gets low on refrigerant, the amount of oil carried to the compressor reduces, and the
amount of heat the oil and refrigerant can carry away from the compressor goes down.
Operating the A/C with low refrigerant is much like running your engine low on oil. It will cause

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