Best Windshield glass replacement in Vasant Kunj

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Car owners take extra care when it comes to auto glass but auto glass damage is highly common – even a small pebble or a chunk of debris flung by a neighboring vehicle is enough to leave minor dings or major dents on the windshield. In short, windshield damage can happen anytime, anywhere. 

If your car has damaged windshield glass with several scratches and broken chips, then you must get your cracked car windshield replaced on an urgent basis to ensure maximum protection. The windshield is an indispensable part of the security control system in your car.

Windshield glass replacement in vasantkunj

It holds the vehicle roof and stops it from squashing on you in an accident, it passes the airbags to expand in an accurate manner to cushion riders, and it blocks you and your family from being dumped in a serious crash. As the auto glass plays such a crucial role, you must get it checked and fixed by the best of auto glass experts. 

Windshield glass and its types 

Windshield glass replacement in vasantkunj

Laminated glass

It helps in boosting the fuel efficiency of the car. Since air cooling uses a significant amount of fuel, adopting laminated glass reduces the heating up of the car and minimizes the burden on your vehicle’s cooling system. Recent tests have shown that using laminated glass instead of standard glass helps to lower the temperature by 5-6 degrees Celsius. 

Another factor of laminated glass that improves fuel consumption is the lightweight of the glass. The demand for lightweight products is increasing every day since it makes the performance of the vehicle better.

For every 0.5mm thickness reduction in the windshield, there is a 3kg per meter square reduction in the weight. Thus using laminated glass reduces the overall weight and saves fuel. 

Laminated glass is strong and proves to be difficult to break, giving safety to the occupants of the car. Due to the ability to hold its pieces when cracked, minimizes the damage and adds to the safety in case of breakage. 

Another such advantage of using laminated glass is noise reduction. Keeping the car away from outside noise, traveling by car becomes quieter and more comfortable. People can talk or enjoy the music even better when there is less noise and disturbance.

The lamination process begins when two sheets of glass are placed on different sides of a thin sheet of poly-vinyl butyral or PVB.

These sheets are bonded to form one piece under heat and pressure. An autoclave heats each component as they are pressed in between rollers. This technique fuses all three layers and makes the layers strong and see-through. 

Tempered glass 

Windshields are also made from tempered glass by using the tempering technique. In this process, the sheet of glass is heated up to a certain temperature. Then, the glass is cooled rapidly with cold air.

This process causes the glass to constantly expand and contract resulting in the outer layer hardening and the inner layer being induced with tension. This tempered glass is used for rear glass replacement or side window replacement. 

Once broken, tempered glass cannot be repaired, and the only solution is to replace it. Although each windshield glass has different functions, together, in an accident, they protect you from broken glass. In the case of a rollover, windshields retain the roof’s rigidity while the side airbags protect the passengers within. 

Solar Glass 

Climate change has sent the temperatures soaring to such an extent that driving during the summers in India can be frustrating. However, with Solar Glass installed on your cars, driving in the scorching heat can be turned into a pleasant drive.

This modern glass invention is essentially a combination of solar technology and standard window glass. 

In such cases, if you are one of those who find the heat frustrating, installing solar glass can be the ideal solution. Unlike ordinary glass, solar glass is made from a special material to prevent heat transfer. Most of these windows are similar to their traditional counterparts; they are just as clear and usually allow the same amount of light. 

What makes them different is that they don’t allow in the harmful UV radiation, which is the energy given off by the sun. This is achieved by an invisible coating applied to the glass before it is installed on your car.

The solar glass that comes along with such a coating is permanent and designed to last a lifetime. By installing such glass, you can reduce heat absorption and improve your car’s insulation, resulting in reduced cooling needs. Another major benefit of using modern solar glass is that it helps reduce fuel consumption and improves your car’s mileage. 

The glass used should be of OEM standards, even if it is sourced from the original equipment manufacturer or suppliers. Every precaution must be taken to ensure that the glass fits just as perfectly as the original one. In case you have any doubts related to laminated auto glass, tempered glass, make sure to get in touch with the right experts. 

What all is included in the windshield glass replacement service?

Windshield glass replacement in vasantkunj

It can depend on the make, model, and year of your car. However, with a replacement, you also need to consider the level of technology that is there in your car. Windshield glass replacement service includes 

● Windshield 

● Opening and fitting of a new windshield 

● Consumables – Sealant / Bond Adhesive

● Sensor if applicable 

Does windshield replacement come with a warranty? 

● Repairs are warranted against defects in workmanship. 

● Fixed glass installations are warranted against leakage, except that which occurs as a result of vehicle collision, damage, or rust. Materials used for replacement are warranted against manufacturer defects. 

What types of tools do you use for glass replacement? 

A plastic or composite handheld tool helps the technician pull up the molding around the glass so he/she can directly access where the glass is bonded to the car body. 

Technicians typically use an electric or battery-powered auto glass cut tool, or a wire tool to “cut out” the windshield. The powered tool is hand-held and features a reciprocating blade that makes it easier to cut around the edge of the glass and separate it from the car. The wired cut-out tool is more manual and has become more popular in the past few years. 

Razor blades and scrapers are used to remove the old adhesive from where the old windshield was attached, as well as excess adhesive from the glass. 

Safety is of the utmost importance when handling glass, so a technician’s PPE is critical. This can include gloves, safety glasses, a first aid kit, and any other equipment the company requires. 

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