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The safety of your vehicle highly depends on your car Tires. Your car’s brakes, along with the tires, are two of the most crucial components of your vehicle. How well you maintain your tires will impact your safety, vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, and repair costs. Ensuring you are driving a safe vehicle is important not only for your own safety but for other people on the road as well. 

Having a tire safety checklist is an important part of making sure you are driving a safe vehicle. When you get behind the wheel, especially to travel long distances, you should perform a quick safety check on your vehicle, including an inspection of your tires.

Tires take more abuse than almost any other component of your automobile. They have direct contact with the road and all its elements that may cause them to wear, lose pressure, or puncture. Your tires may be easily inspected for wear and damage. 

Car tyre service we offer

Professional Team

Now get your tyres fitted by our expert technician and our tyre fitment team is well trained and professional in their work.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is also known as tyre balancing. It is the process of equalizing the weight of the combined tyre and wheel assembly so that it spins smoothly at high speed.

Balancing weights

When tyres are fitted to wheels, they are measured on a balancing machine, and correction weights are applied to counteract their combined unbalance.

New Valves 

We recommend that when you purchase new tyres you should buy valves as well. The most durable ones have reinforced metal valves and rubber valves.

Wheel Alignment

Alignment ensures your tyres meet the road at the proper angle, your wheels are pointing straight and your tyres are centered in the wheel wells.

Tyre rotation 

It is another way to ensure your tyres wear evenly. With this procedure, the position of your tyres switches around (e.g. front tyres placed in the back and vice versa).

Nitrogen Inflation

Filling your car’s tyres with nitrogen will reduce air loss, boost fuel economy, reduce rolling resistance and improve safety.

Car tyre replacement service cost and Pricing in Vasant Kunj

Tyre replacement cost depends on 

  1. Tyre size
  2. Tyre brand 
  3. Type of vehicle (SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, sports car, electric car etc)
  4. Tyre type (tubeless or with tube)

Why Choose Us?

We understand the importance of the time and pain that you undergo to check tyre replacement costs, to make your life easy we at Jatsons Automobiles have expert technicians to help you at a reasonable price while maintaining quality standards. We, at Jatsons Automobiles, serve as your ideal partner when it comes to caring for your car. You will no longer have to pay extra due to lack of knowledge or time. Factors that differentiate us from others are

  1. Customer convenience
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Experience of 22+ years
  4. Equipped workshop with expert Mechanics

Who we are

Jatsons Automobiles is a multi-brand car service station, that caters to all your car repair and maintenance needs. Our aim is to provide, the best of car servicing to you which includes timely delivery of the assignment at an affordable cost.

Our trained professionals ensure that the servicing is done in a smooth and timely manner. We are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and the latest digital diagnostic system. With Jatsons Automobiles, customers can schedule car services at their convenience. Customer Convenience is on topmost priority for us and to support the same we offer our customers FREE Pick-Up & Drop facility in the city as per the selected time slot.

Car Tyre Maintenance Tips

Here are four important things to check to keep your tires safe.

Tread Depth

Having a sufficient tread depth is vital to ensure that your car can grip the road properly. Your tires should have a minimum safe tread depth of 1.6mm, or roughly enough tread to completely cover the head of the Ashoka symbol of 1 rupee coin when held upside down between the ribs of your tire. Tread depth is important to ensure safety when accelerating or braking, especially in slippery or wet conditions. 

Tire Air Pressure

All your tires should have the correct air pressure. Under- or over-inflated tires can cause erratic vehicle behavior and affect handling and grip, which can be dangerous while driving. Proper pressure in your tires will ensure you have a smooth ride, improve traction, better handling, and optimum fuel economy.  

Rotation, Balance, and Alignment

Keeping up with your manufacturer’s recommended tire services is necessary for the efficiency of your tires. You can follow the service intervals or pay attention to signs of imbalance, misalignment, or premature tire wear. Tire rotation, wheel alignment, and tire balancing services help prevent irregular wear, boosting the longevity of your tires and increasing fuel efficiency. 

Wear and Tear

Your tires are exposed to the road and it is normal for them to suffer from some general wear and tear. Inspect your tires regularly. Look out for irregular wear, damages, including cuts, bulges, cracks, or items stuck in them like nails, glass, or small rocks. If you find any problems, be sure to get the tires replaced or repaired. 

We at Jatsons automobiles recommend our checklist and perform a visual tire safety check at least every week. If you find that you need new tires or your tires need service, contact us today!

When to replace your Car tyre?

  1. Treadwear: Tyres come with tread wear indicators. The easiest way to find these indicators is to look for a triangular arrowhead on the sidewall. You will find rubber bridges between treads parallel to the marker. If the tyre tread has worn out to the level of the bridges, it is time you need to see a tyre dealer.
  2. Asymmetric tyre wear: Sometimes, misalignment or a damaged suspension member means that a particular tyre might wear out unevenly. Even though the tread on one side might look perfectly alright, the other edge might have reached its limit, which means you need a tyre change sooner than later, along with realignment or repair of the assembly.
  3. Hard/Cracked tyre tread: If you don’t drive your car often, the rubber tends to harden up. Look for visible cracks on the tread surface. There will always be a few of those, but if you can see surface cracks on the side walls as well, the tyre rubber has already hardened up quite a bit. You can still run on these tyres if your car does nothing more than weekend errands but if you are going to venture out on highways or if you like driving at good speeds, it is better to go in for new tyres.
  4. Damaged sidewalls: More than 80 percent of the tyres used in passenger vehicles are radial tyres and for this type of tyre construction, the integrity of the sidewall is of prime importance. Bad roads and sudden potholes can damage the sidewall resulting in bubbles on the sidewalls or sometimes cracks. While tyre repair shops offer you side-wall patches to reinforce the damaged part, you have to know that the repair is not fool-proof. It’s better to go for tyre change.
  5. Tyre age: As we all know, tyre rubber tends to harden up with age. As it hardens up, it loses tractability due to its inability to flex and grip the road surface. If you have opted for soft compounds, the tyre surface does not crack up all that easily, but it definitely loses its effectiveness. As a rule, do not buy tyres that are more than six months old and use them for more than four years or 45,000kms.
  6. Environmental parameters: These criteria are hard to define but they do affect the efficiency of your car’s tyres. For example, it would be ideal to change your tyres at least a week before monsoons if you know they are nearing replacement. If you prefer driving fast, your tyres might wear out faster and would be rather unsafe near the end of your life.

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